Massage increases flexibility and performance, from everyday hacking to competition level. Allowing the horse to have a full range of movement when working therefore, ensuring all muscles are working to their full potential.

 It relieves muscle tension and spasms, that left untreated can later lead to injury or lameness it also aids the drainage of toxins and build ups within the muscles that can become a problem.

 Helps prevent an injury by correcting the muscles within the body and aiding the recovery, before it becomes more of an issue eg, relieves stiffness before a horse becomes lame.

 Increases muscle tone by improving circulation to the areas needed, particularly when bringing a horse back into work or in older horses that can lose muscle tone more easily.

 Relieves soreness within the body and can assist with confirmation issues, working regularly to encourage the muscles to work and loosen as they should.

 Aids and improves recovery time. Can help relieve a horse’s boredom when on box rest and encourage nutrient rich blood to the affected areas, whilst ensuring the rest of the body is relaxed.

 Is this for my horse?

Equine Sports and Remedial massage is suitable for all horses regardless of age or discipline and I have seen the benefits with all clients.

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